“We feel like we pay too much in taxes.”  This is a common statement heard from new customers.  While sometimes a customer has paid too much in tax, and there is an opportunity to go back and recover some of this, not always do people pay in too much.  Here is where the education component shines.  Understanding your tax situation brings knowledge and removes the fear that surrounds your taxes.  Once you understand how you are taxed, then we can have a conversation about how you are spending your money, and what you spend this on.  

Money is personal, and helps you accomplish many goals in life.  We try to bring an understanding to your tax and financial situation to align your personal and financial goals with your habits.  We offer 3 levels of service offerings that you can choose from depending upon your personal situation.

We can also help you to identify your spending patterns. We recommend using the Personal Edition of Xero - for $34 a year and a bit of time, you will identify spending patterns.